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How does it work after your listing is live?

Online bookings: Apply's to hotel channel manager users

  • A client books online using a credit card/cheque card
  • A booking confirmation is then sent to the establishment and the guest on successful payment. Should the payment be unsuccessful the client and the establishment will be notified and an alternative payment method will be established.
  • The establishment will then receive payment via CAPS. (not an EFT from MNE Holidays)

Telephonic/manual bookings:

  • The client contacts MNE Holidays for a reservation and confirms via email.
  • We then contact the establishment to make a provisional booking for 12hrs awaiting the clients payment. Should the client not pay within this period, the establishment can then cancel the booking.
  • After we've received payment from the client , we then on pay the establishment the due amount less our commission. The requested deposit or booking payment is all done according to the establishments terms & policies. 
  • Same day bookings can sometimes choose to pay on arrival. The owner of the establishment may be asked if they will accept this booking and be invoiced by MNE Holidays for referral commission for the stay. The establishment can either accept or decline this same day booking. NB: A huge percentage of clients that wish to pay at check in generally do not arrive, therefore use your own discretion when accepting this booking from us.i.e. if your occupancy for the day is low, then maybe taking the risk would be okay, because some clients do come. We will however use our own discretion on deciding this before we call you for these same day arrival bookings.